Cluster Audiovisual Galego

Colloquium ICAA - Producers of the audiovisual sector of Galicia

The City of Culture of Galicia hosted, in Santiago, a new edition of the "Colloquium Clúster" organized by the Cluster Audiovisual Galego between representatives of the Institute of Sciences and Cinematographic Arts (ICAA) and the audiovisual sector Of Galicia.

The event was supported by the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Igape) and with the collaboration of ICAA, AGADIC and the Asociación Galega de Produtoras Independentes (AGAPI).

The opening of the session, held in the City of Culture of Galicia, was conducted by the president of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, Jorge Algora, and the director of the Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (Agadic), Jacobo Sutil. This new edition of the "Coloquios Clúster" was attended by professionals from the sector in Galicia who had the opportunity to express their opinion on the current system of support of ICAA to Spanish cinema.

The session was attended by the Deputy Director General for the Promotion of the Film and Audiovisual Industry, María Maldonado, and the Deputy Director General for Promotion and International Relations, Guadalupe Melgosa. Both directives explained in what stage they are and some details of the lines of aid convened by the organization to date, and addressed various aspects of the calls that are susceptible of modification taking into account the claims of the sector.

During her speech, María Maldonado added that before the end of July, the general aid for the production of feature films on the project will be solved, with 53 works, and the deadline for the correction of applications is open. In relation to this line of aid, the ICAA representative also said that, following the disappearance of aid for depreciation in 2019, the budget envelope could reach "about 45 million euros" from ff that year.

Also, María Maldonado acknowledged that there are some aspects of the call that could have to be modified and expressed the willingness of her department to do everything possible to do so. In this sense, he added that ICAA is studying the possibility of modifying the requirements to fit those projects that have no place in this call or in selective projects.

On the other hand, Guadalupe Melgosa dealt with different aspects on the lines of aid to the distribution and the organization of festivals and cinematographic contests in Spain, whose announcement was published last Tuesday. He also highlighted the interest for the IBERMEDIA and EUROIMAGE international co-production funds sector and offered the support of his department to the Spanish producers who presented their projects to one of these funds.

The meeting ended with an interesting debate between the representatives of the state agency and the Galician producers in which the attendees plied various aspects that concern the professionals of the sector, such as the current system of fiscal incentives to the cinema, certain requirements to be able to access the Distribution aid, the minimum initial funding rate of 35% for certain projects, or excessive sections of the scorecard, among others.