Cluster Audiovisual Galego

Session on the use by companies in the audiovisual sector of the digitization aid line Industry 4.0 of IGAPE

On Friday, December 15, the Pre-workshop took place in Santiago: "Use by companies in the audiovisual sector of the IGAPE Industry 4.0 digitization aid line", organized by the Galego Audiovisual Cluster for partners, in collaboration with the ICT Cluster Galicia. During the meeting the conditions of the new aid of the autonomous body to the digitalisation Industry 4.0 were exposed, so that the companies of the audiovisual sector make an optimal use of them.
The session addressed to the Cluster partners was held in the Eisenman Room of the City of Culture of Galicia. Through this action it was also intended to identify possible projects that may be presented in the first call for aid to digitize Industry 4.0, which is scheduled for this month of December. For this action, the Galego Audiovisual Cluster had the support of the Xunta de Galicia, through the IGAPE.