Cluster Audiovisual Galego

Conference "Technology transfer in the Audiovisual Sector"

The May 27, 2014 in A Coruña the day of the Cluster Audiovisual Galego (Clag) 'Technology transfer in the audiovisual sector',in collaboration with the ICT Centre of A Coruña (CITIC) Research.This event served as meeting audiovisual companies and research center partner CITIC technological potential in the field of ICTtechnologies.

The president of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag), AndrésBarbé, and the coordinator of CITI, Sebastian Baamonde, openedthe session, which was facilitated and stimulated the development of projects or inicitivas in collaboration between businesses and downtown research.
In today's session, first, have presented the research to exposeCITIC its technological offer for the audiovisual sector by JesúsDíaz López, head of the Office of CITIC Transfer.
Then have exposed the research of MADS GROUP, by Javier Taibo;GROUP LIDIA, by its principal investigator, Amparo Alonso, andVARPA GROUP, by Manuel González Penedo, also its principal investigator.

Next, attendees discussed the case of collaboration with CITICGalician Audiovisual Cluster and the ICT Cluster, by Miguel Barreiroof Syntheractive, SL and Rosa Mendez, the ICT Cluster Galicia,about Project Contribute TV.

Finally, the day today have addressed the main demands ofresearch and ICT development in the audiovisual sector by EstherMedina, Director of Innovation and New Channels CRTVG andVocal R & D + i of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, and CastorAlonso, SPICA.

Among the objectives of the day are also taking advantage of the capabilities of research groups related to the audiovisual industry and make available to companies with a range of specializedtechnical services for the audiovisual sector.