Cluster Audiovisual Galego

I Edition of the Pitching TFG with Galician Universities

The 1st edition of the Pitching TFG (Final Degree Projects), organized by the Galician Audiovisual Cluster in collaboration with the Universities of Vigo and A Coruña, hosted last Friday, the 15th, in Santiago, the presentation of 13 audiovisual projects of students of these two Universities in front of professionals from the Galician sector. During the day, the students had the opportunity to test their work with partner companies of the Cluster, and they were able to know the evaluations of the producers regarding the projects.
The Pitching TFG, which held its first edition in the City of Culture of Galicia, seeks to value the new audiovisual talent and connect it with the Galician business fabric. This year the academic entities selected a total of 13 Final Degree Projects of Audiovisual Communication students of the Universities of Vigo and A Coruña and of the Master in Illustrated Book and Audiovisual Animation of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Vitoria to be presented before audiovisual professionals using the pitching technique. The selected projects are in different stages of development and include three television series, three videogames, two feature films, two shorts, a documentary, a mediametraje and an app.
The projects of the University of Vigo presented last Friday were "What lies beneath the sea", by María Comesaña and Pablo Dapena; "Luscofusco", by Jonathan Toucedeo and Brais Sousa; "Safe Eat App", by Raquel Cacabelos and Laura González; "Amar en tiempos de Tinder", by Sara Varela; "Do not Fade", by Laura Cao; "Asmodeo", by Xián Xacobe, and "Leni Krabby", by Raquel Ramos.
On the part of the University of A Coruña the following projects were exhibited: "Rakonto", by Paula Méndez and Laura Movilla; "Camilo: or last guerrilla of Galicia", by Alba Sánchez, Juan Sebastián Pirola, Pedro Iglesias and Miguel García; "As Chiaventuras", by Cristina García and Beatriz Pombo; "Hope Motel", by Clara Fernández, Sara Portabales, Nuria Rey and Alicia Santos; "The color of fear", by Carlota Domínguez, Bernardo Loira, Clara López and Pedro Vigier, and "Villa Pelusa", by Andrea Castro, Rebeca Domínguez and Javier González.
Those responsible for these projects had 15 minutes to try to capture the interest of the audience, made up of people in charge of some of the most outstanding producers of the Galician audiovisual sector, among whom were Jorge Algora (Adivina Producciones), Juan de Dios Serrano (Agallas Films ), Raquel Martínez (Congo Productions), Julio Casal (Fiction Productions), Jesús Vecino (Filmax) and Montse Besada (Televisión de Galicia).
Likewise, after the presentations, the companies voted for those projects that they considered had greater viability in the market. The most voted titles were: in the first place "Villa Pelusa", in second place "Leni Krabby" and in third place, with the same number of votes, "What lies beneath the sea", "The color of fear", "Amar in times of Tinder "and" Safe Eat App".
To finalize this first edition of the Pitching TFG, in which the Cluster had the support of the Xunta de Galicia through the Igape, a networking meeting was held during which the creators had the opportunity to establish the first contacts with the industry Galician and could converse with the producers on the details of their respective projects.