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The Xunta encourages audiovisual SMEs to bet on digitalization for internationalization in a meeting organized by the Audiovisual Cluster and Igape

The director of Igape, Juan Cividanes, highlighted yesterday, Thursday, the importance of the SMEs of the audiovisual sector continue to bet on digitalization to increase their competitiveness, adapt to market needs and boost their international presence. This was stated during his speech at the informative meeting on digitalization and Industry 4.0 organized by the Xunta in collaboration with the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, and in which José Manuel Fernández, Deputy Director of Bureau Development of the Competitiveness Area of ​​Igape also participated.

Cividanes highlighted the collaborative work between the Galician Government and all the agents in the sector to promote the technological transformation of the productive fabric through initiatives promoted by the Industry 4.0 Agenda, such as digitalization aids, Projects 4.0 and the Machinery 4.0 and Reaction to.

The new Machinery 4.0 aid line that Xunta has just activated to reinforce standardization in the sector and facilitate the purchase of technology made in Galicia, remains open until April 7. Selected projects that best respond to the five defined challenges will receive support for their development and commercialization.

In addition, the deadline for submitting applications for aid from the fourth call for Industry 4.0 projects ends on March 31. Up to six new collective initiatives will be supported to implement the smart factory in strategic areas of the Galician economy, with an amount of contributions that may reach 1.5 million euros for each of the approved sectoral projects, in order to facilitate the formation of groups of large companies with investments of greater importance.

The Galician audiovisual assists the IBC of Amsterdam with a Cluster delegation

The companies CTV, S.A., Intereuropa TV and Spica, S.L. make up the Galician Audiovisual Cluster delegation at the IBC 2018 fair, which will be held from 14 to 18 September in Amsterdam. Its presence in IBC will allow Galician audiovisual companies to create new business opportunities and learn first-hand about trends and innovations in the field of electronic media.

With the aim of promoting the internationalization of Galician audiovisual, the Cluster thus develops an action that is framed within the Galicia Exports Intermediate Organisms Program, with the financial support of the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (Igape), the Xunta de Galicia and the European Union .

IBC is one of the most important appointments in the calendar for the world audiovisual media industry. For five days, Amsterdam receives the companies that lead the segments of broadcasting, audio, multimedia, satellite communications, servers, Internet, webcasting, radio, television and video.

In 2018, more than 55,000 professionals from 170 countries are expected to participate in the main conference and annual exhibition of electronic media, working on the creation, management and provision of electronic media and entertainment content worldwide.

The IBC exhibition area occupies fifteen RAI rooms and houses more than 1,700 exhibitors. Combining a world-class exhibition with specially selected areas and events, the IBC provides the perfect platform for the professionals gathered there to establish relationships with suppliers and customers, discover the latest trends and technologies and promote their innovations and strategy.

In addition, the IBC Conference, which is held from September 13 to 17, represents a unique setting to discover and debate the different challenges and opportunities facing the sector, both through its sessions and in the different networking opportunities it offers. More than 1,700 delegates and 400 speakers in five days of high-level debate to shape the future of the industry.

"Díxome, Díxome" is born, the magazine of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster

The Galician audiovisual has since this month of July with a new information space to show all the potential of the sector and its professionals. The magazine "Díxome, Díxome", a publication of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, which was created with the aim of contributing to the consumption of more audiovisual material made in Galicia.

The Cluster now has a place of its own with very diverse contents designed to give value to the sector and where there will be space for all professionals, for those who are ahead and also behind the spotlights.

The publication is published quarterly and has very diverse sections, forming a larger editorial space to give visibility to the projects and creations of the professionals who carry out their work in Galicia. The magazine has room for information, training, innovation ... becoming an information and entertainment space, but also a bulletin board, agenda, platform and discussion table.

"Díxome, Díxome" aims to become a reflection of everything that is happening in the sector, collected in a publication that takes care of design and layout, and where photography has a great role.

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster is a business alliance, made up of more than 30 companies that intervene in the entire production chain. The Cluster promotes synergies, generates business, is key to innovation and sets common objectives to promote the development of its associates. And now go a step further with this new editorial project.

See "Díxome, Díxome" No. 1

The Audiovisual Cluster collaborates with the II Congress of Connected Industry 4.0

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster is a collaborating entity in dissemination of the Second Industry Connected Congress 4.0, which will be held on September 26 at the Municipal Conference Center of Madrid. Thanks to this collaboration, Cluster companies will be able to attend II CIC 4.0, prior registration at the event.

A great integrating and reference space where the great challenges of the industry in its digital transformation will be shared, thus giving continuity to last year's success.

Organized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, participants can share the vision of top-level speakers, choose between the 8 parallel thematic sessions and learn, first-hand, the experiences and best practices of reference industrial companies.

Event website

The Audiovisual Cluster participates in the definition of the strategy of the Design Program for Innovation 2020 of the Xunta

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster participated yesterday, Wednesday, in a meeting of the Galician Innovation Ax (Gain) with representatives of fourteen Galician business clusters in the framework of a round of working meetings with the agents of the design ecosystem to identify their strategic needs and involve them from the beginning in the development of the 2020 Innovation Design Program, integrated into the Galicia Innova 2020 Plan.

The director of Gain, Patricia Argerey, emphasized to the representatives of the productive fabric the strategic nature of the design and announced the start-up of a series of actions to boost its implementation as a business innovation tool.

This round of meetings started this week will also help to build the Business Design Agent Map, which will be the seed of the Agent Network that Gain seeks to promote. Finally, a session based on the co-creation dynamics based on the Design Thinking methodology will be organized to share the identified priorities and transfer them to the program.

In addition to the identification of the Network of business design agents, Argerey announced other objectives of this cycle of talks within the 2020 Innovation Design Program: identifying joint actions to be promoted within the Network; training, dissemination and dissemination actions to encourage design in the business world; assess the aid that it would be desirable to enable to reinforce the implementation of design in the strategy of Galician SMEs; explore success stories that can serve as a reference; and identify new entities to be incorporated into the Agent Network.

In yesterday's meeting, the business fabric was represented, in addition to the Galego Audiovisual Cluster, by the clusters of Wood and Design (CMD), Life Sciences (BIOGA), granite, tile, automotive (CEAGA), aquaculture (CETGA), ICT, naval (ACLUNAGA), food (CLUSAGA), tourism, graphic communication, textiles (COINTEGA) and health.

The Galician audiovisual meets with representatives of the digital content industry of the United Kingdom and the USA.

With the aim of supporting the creation of innovative projects and the digital content sector in Galicia and promoting its internationalization, the Galician Audiovisual Cluster held a networking meeting last week in A Coruña between Galician audiovisual companies and company representatives. British and American players of the animation and new media sector.

This activity took place within a new inverse commercial mission of the Cluster, on this occasion, with delegations of companies from the United Kingdom and the United States of the animation and new media sector, held within the framework of the 17th edition of the International Congress Digital Worlds, which brought together, from July 5 to 7 in A Coruña, more than a thousand professionals in the animation, special effects and video games sector.

The initiative served to connect Galician audiovisual companies such as Adivina Producciones, Audiovisual de Servicios Kairos, Ficción Producciones, Gato Salvaje and Ilux Visual Technologies with the business delegation, share experiences and find business meeting points that lead to new projects. On the part of the British and American delegation, Carlos Baena, from Animation Mentor, participated in the meeting; Nacho Thomas Tejedor and Ismael Alabado, from Double Negative; Scott Murnan, from NVIDIA; Rajesh Sharma, from Disney Animation Studios, and Juan Cañada, from Epic Games.

This action, carried out within the Galicia Exports Intermediate Organisms Program, with the financial support of the Igape, the Xunta de Galicia and the EU, highlights, once again, the determined commitment that the Galego Audiovisual Cluster is making for digital content and contribute to make this a stronger and more competitive sector. One of the main objectives of the DICO Mindset Plan, elaborated by Amtega, and with which we also collaborate together with the TIC Galicia Cluster and the agents of the sector.

Galician Audiovisual Cluster organizes two inverse trade missions with Germany and Latin America

With the aim of promoting the export of the Galician audiovisual sector, the Galician Audiovisual Cluster organizes two reverse commercial missions with Germany and Latin America, within the framework of the second edition of the international fiction co-production forum for television Connect FICTION, which will take place in Santiago of Compostela from June 18 to 21. The Cluster will promote meetings between its companies and potential German and Latin American co-producers and distributors.

The reverse commercial missions of the audiovisual with Germany and Latin America include various activities such as workshops and meetings with the companies of both delegations, among them, which will be held on Thursday June 21 in the City of Culture.

The Galician companies that will meet next week with the invited delegations are Adivina Producciones, Agallas Films, Congo Productions, CTV, Ficción Producciones, Gaitafilmes, Portocabo, Tamboura Films, Xamalú Filmes and Zenit Televisión.

With these actions, the Galego Audiovisual Cluster seeks to promote the internationalization of its companies and also encourage the establishment of initial contacts between partners and companies from Germany and Latin America that could culminate in commercial agreements.

Both missions are carried out within the Galicia Exporta Intermediate Organisms Program, with the financial support of Igape, Xunta de Galicia and UE.

The Cluster and Agadic promote with a special event the Galician audiovisual at the European Film Market in Berlin

The Galician audiovisual was presented last Sunday, day 18, in Berlin, in front of more than two hundred people in a promotional event organized by the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, in collaboration with the Axencia Galega das Industrais Culturais (AGADIC). The meeting took place within the framework of the 30th edition of the European Film Market (EFM), one of the main global showcases of international film production. This special event, which took place at the Academie Lounge in Berlin, located very close to the offices of the EFM, brought together the specialized press and professionals from the international film industry. All of them have had the opportunity to establish contacts with the producers and distributors gathered there. During the meeting several promotional videos of the sector were projected, among them, the Cluster campaign #ConsumeAudiovisualGalego, which aims to spread the talent and quality of Galicia through audiovisual products and encourage consumption, or that of the film " Trinta Lumes" (´Thirty Souls´), by the Galician director Diana Toucedo, which had its official presentation that same day in the Panorama section of the Berlinale. And the Catalog of Services offered by the Galician Audiovisual Cluster companies was distributed among the professionals. Also present was the event Connect FICTION, the only one dedicated to television fiction that connects Europe with Latin America and the United States and that will hold its second edition next June in Santiago de Compostela. All these actions developed by the Cluster in the main content markets for film and television worldwide highlight its determined commitment to the external promotion of the sector and, especially, of its associated companies. In addition, it is an action carried out within the Galicia Exports Intermediate Organisms Program, with the financial support of the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (Igape), the Xunta de Galicia and the European Union. Business delegation in the EFM The Galician audiovisual participates these days in the European Film Market, which runs until February 23 in parallel to the Berlinale, with an institutional and commercial delegation consisting of ten companies, among which are the members of the Cluster CTV, Ficción Producciones, Frida Films, Gaitafilmes, Matriuska Producciones and Portocabo, as well as Big Rights, Numax Distribución, Ollo Vivo, and Treeline Distribution. All of them have their own space for the development of work meetings and the dissemination of their productions within the official Cinema from Spain pavilion, located in the Martin-Gropius-Bau, and promoted by the ICEX Spain Export and Investment and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA). From this space is distributed among the accredited professionals the catalog "Films from Galicia 2018", which offers information on 43 film and television titles in the distribution, production or preproduction phase, besides promoting Galicia as a shooting scenario with great potential natural and patrimonial. As in previous editions, the partner company of the Cluster Filmax also attends the EFM, which will dispatch its meetings with the rest of the industry from the Marriott Hotel, another of the market venues. The EFM is the second cinematographic market of the world for the purchase, sale, financing, distribution and coproduction of cinematographic contents. Each year it welcomes more than 400 exhibitors from some 50 countries, as well as more than 1,300 buyers from around the world. This year, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, a particularly intense edition is expected in activities and numerous in accredited, since it is expected the visit of 9,000 buyers, producers, investors and exhibitors.

The Audiovisual Cluster and 7 member companies participate in the 30th edition of the European Film Market in Berlin

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster will participate in the thirtieth edition of the European Film Market in Berlin to support the audiovisual sector of Galicia with a special promotion event, organized with the collaboration of Agadic, which will take place in the afternoon-night of Sunday 18 with the purpose to intensify the relations between the representatives of the Galician audiovisual displaced with the specialized press and invited members of the international industry. In this professional meeting held until February 23 parallel to the Berlinale, a Galician trade delegation consists of 10 production companies and distributors, promoted by Agadic under the brand "Films from Galicia" with the support of the Igape, among which there are the members of the Cluster CTV, Ficción Producciones, Frida Films, Gaitafilmes, Matriuska Producciones and Portocabo. The delegation is completed by Big Rights, Numax Distribución, Ollo Vivo and Tree Lines, as well as the Galega do Audiovisual Academy and Conecta FICTION. Apart from this delegation, the partner of the Cluster Filmax also participates in the market. The companies come with their respective portfolios of titles both in project or in production phase or already completed, with the aim of achieving co-production, sales and international distribution agreements, for which they are developing meetings and presentations with agents from all over the world. Galician team One of the most important moments of the Galician audiovisual in Berlin will be the presentation at the Berlinale Coprodution Market of "Three", Frida Films project with the director Juanjo Giménez (Golden Palm at the Cannes Festival for his short "Timecode"). The new title, currently under development, is one of the only 21 selected for this section. Another relevant event is the screening in the Panorama section of the "Trinta lumes" festival, Diana Toucedo's film shot in the O Courel mountain range. The film is one of the three Spanish that are part of this billboard, which includes 47 films from 40 countries. In addition to the specific presentation activities, the Galician companies have in the EFM their own space for the development of work meetings and the dissemination of their productions within the Cinema from Spain pavilion at the Martin-Gropius-Bau exhibition center. Agadic is part of this platform together with ICEX Spain Export and Investment, the National Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) and other entities and regional organizations. From this space, the new edition for 2018 of the Films from Galicia catalog, an escolma of 43 productions and projects of feature films, animation and documentaries, as well as movies, series and television formats, as well as international sales agents like Shorts from Galicia, dedicated to shorts. Connect FICTION in the Drama Series Days It is also accredited in this space Inside Content, the producer of Conecta FICTION, the meeting promoted by the Xunta de Galicia that will hold its second edition in Santiago de Compostela from June 18 to 21 as the only international event dedicated exclusively to putting together the professionals of television fiction from Latin America, the United States and Europe. Connect FICTION will be the protagonist of a presentation in the framework of the Drama Series Days, one of the sections of the Berlinale dedicated to the small screen. The European Film Market is one of the main showcases for cinema in the world, associated with the Berlinale's programming as a business center for professionals attending the prestigious film festival. Each year it welcomes more than 400 exhibitors (mostly producers, distributors and official bodies) from some 50 countries, as well as 1,300 buyers from around the world.

The Audiovisual Cluster will participate in the professional day that premieres the Carballo Interplay in its fifth edition

The Digital Content Festival Carballo Interplay opens a professional day in its fifth edition, which will be held on April 4, 5, 6 and 7, and in which the Galician Audiovisual Cluster will participate, that also collaborates with the current edition of the festival, among other entities and companies. The CIP, pioneer event since its birth in 2014 as the first festival of Spanish webseries, maintains a constant evolution, always attentive to new languages ​​and ways of understanding narration and audiovisual culture on the web. Thus, the contest will integrate this year a series of activities and spaces designed to connect creators with the main platforms, producers and media that are betting on digital content created by themselves. In addition to the Audiovisual Cluster, they have already confirmed their presence at the Interplay PRO Day, which will take place on Thursday, April 5, brands as significant as FLOOXER (Atresmedia), MTMAD (Mediaset), PLAYZ (RTVE Digital), CRTVG or Playground, among others CIP representatives from other associations of the Galician sector, such as AGAG or CREA, and directors, programmers of festivals of national and international digital series, will also participate in the CIP, with the aim of defining a common terminology for this type of productions. Finally, the organization will enable a meeting space that encourages contact, through professional meetings, between the creators of digital series and the platforms and producers attending. Those interested in participating in this Professional Market must be accredited, free of charge, on the website of the festival. Last days to submit proposals to the official section Those wishing to present their webseries or webseries projects to the official section of Carballo Interplay and opt for more than 5,000 euros in prizes to be distributed by the festival must register before February 18 through the website The participating webseries, which must be produced between 2016 and 2018 and have a minimum of 3 chapters issued at the time of registration, can be of any duration, theme, genre, real image or animation, national or international. Among the webseries received, a jury composed of professionals from the world of webseries, audiovisual and culture, as well as representatives of professional associations related to the sector will award the best webseries, the best international webseries and the best webseries in the original version in Galician with 800 euros and trophy, for each category. The chosen by the public, meanwhile, will take 400 euros and trophy. The same amount will receive the webserie winner of the prize of the young jury, which is born in this fifth edition of the festival. There will also be a prize for the best script awarded by AGAG and a prize for the best address awarded by CREA, endowed with 200 euros and a trophy. Finally, trophies will be awarded to the best actress and best actor. In addition, Carballo Interplay will again offer a prize of 1,500 euros for the best webseries project in Galician. There is no type of restriction of thematic, genre, style or target persons, they must simply be audiovisual creations designed to be published and disseminated through the Internet and through chapters, episodes or parts (at least three). The award will be solved with a live pitching during the festival and the economic endowment will have to be destined to the production of the first chapters of the award-winning webseries, which will be screened at the sixth edition of the festival. The deadline to register projects in this contest is closed on March 18.