Cluster Audiovisual Galego

Opportunities of FIWARE Program

Partners of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) and ICT Cluster Galicia met Thursday in Santiago, the opportunities offered by the European program FIWARE and accelerator with open calls in 2015, during a conference organized by the two clusters, in collaboration with the Axencia Galician Innovation (Gain).
The FIWARE Accelerate is a program of the European Commission and a consortium of major European ICT companies, direct funding of business ideas for the development of FIWARE platform based applications, and thus boost the digital economy. These aids consist of a total of 80 million euros as well as an accompanying plan for the development of projects, with between 50,000 and 150,000 euros for each selected company. 16 accelerator responsible for distributing funding and provide the support program were established.
The conference "Opportunities of FIWARE Program" had as main objective to present the European credit line FIWARE Accelerate and report on four accelerators with open calls in 2015: Incense, IMPACT, SOUL-FI and CreatiFI.
Of special interest to the audiovisual sector is the CreatiFIaccelerator, based on business development and acceleration of the products and services they use FIWARE technologies. CreatiFI open its second call the next day August 1 to September 30 and is scheduled for proposed innovative services and applications with a business impact high in the creative industries.
During the session, participants also had the oportunidade to see first-hand experience of the Galician company Enxine, which received funding from one of the accelerator. In addition, the Galician Innovation Axencia presented them their advisory service for projects interested in applying to any of the calls for integrating FIWARE accelerators.
You can learn more about the sectors and accelerator comprising FIWARE here.