Cluster Audiovisual Galego

i+dea The Galician Audiovisual Technological Platform

I+dea, the Galician Audiovisual Technological Platform, aims to be an organization where all relevant agents in the technological side of the audiovisual sector in Galicia come together to work and cooperate, creating groups of excellence and scientific-technological coordination in key R&D&I areas for the future of the industry.

I+dea, the Galician Audiovisual Technological Platform,was created in 2008 and it is formed by audiovisual companies, technology providers, universities and local institutions. It aims to promote synergies and the integration of R&D&I projects. One of its principal objectives is to promote a culture of cooperation as a means of sector development, in harmony with European-wide policies aimed at promoting cooperation strategies. Through the i+dea platform, the Galician audiovisual sector has created ties with other similar bodies in the rest of Spain and in other European countries, so that it can benefit from taking part in large-scale projects.

I+dea, the Galician Audiovisual Technological Platform, is open to all companies and institutions that are interested in contributing in a positive manner to the projects it promotes.

• Objetives
I+dea, the Galician Audiovisual Technological Platform,
 is an open forum for the Galician audiovisual sector, research bodies and other institutions linked to scientific and technological progress that has the following strategic objectives:

  • To create an agreed vision about the R&D&I priorities for the industry.
  • To develop a plan that promotes the technological advance of the industry and the development of new business opportunities.
  • To achieve greater cooperation, integration and volume in R&D&I activities that may benefit the industry.
  • To achieve visibility for the strategic objectives of the industry in relevant R&D&I bodies and lobbies.

• Workgroups
The Platform is structured in six workgroups:
- interactive formats and audiovisual content
- animation and games.
- advanced systems for audiovisual production and management.
- high definition.
- virtual learning.
- stereoscopy.

• Technical areas
The main lines of work are structured in four technical áreas: 
- content.
- services and applications.
- infrastructure and networks.
- user terminals and devices.

The development of these lines in R&D&I projects is complemented by a range of horizontal actions that includes three transversal areas: infrastructure support area, that provides technology watch, expert panels and an R&D&I support unit; human resource development area, centered on providing training for industry professionals, defining new training models, identifying new qualifications and communicating the importance of R&D&I among industry players; and the international cooperation and relations area, that is in constant communication with other technological platforms and promotes taking part in international projects and consortia.

Several initiatives geared towards creating synergies between Plaform members and other industry agents were undertaken in 2011. The Platform was also the setting for a project to promote the creation of Theme Channels.