Cluster Audiovisual Galego

"Díxome, Díxome" is born, the magazine of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster


The Galician audiovisual has since this month of July with a new information space to show all the potential of the sector and its professionals. The magazine "Díxome, Díxome", a publication of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, which was created with the aim of contributing to the consumption of more audiovisual material made in Galicia.

The Cluster now has a place of its own with very diverse contents designed to give value to the sector and where there will be space for all professionals, for those who are ahead and also behind the spotlights.

The publication is published quarterly and has very diverse sections, forming a larger editorial space to give visibility to the projects and creations of the professionals who carry out their work in Galicia. The magazine has room for information, training, innovation ... becoming an information and entertainment space, but also a bulletin board, agenda, platform and discussion table.

"Díxome, Díxome" aims to become a reflection of everything that is happening in the sector, collected in a publication that takes care of design and layout, and where photography has a great role.

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster is a business alliance, made up of more than 30 companies that intervene in the entire production chain. The Cluster promotes synergies, generates business, is key to innovation and sets common objectives to promote the development of its associates. And now go a step further with this new editorial project.

See "Díxome, Díxome" No. 1